Photo by: Daniele Brandt

Rodrigo’s photography, imbued with a hyper-realistic quality and depicting social issues, resembles literature in the sense that it requires interpretation, which isn’t always simple. He suggests stories with the camera, but above all, he seems to listen with it. Exercising contained sensitivity, Rodrigo provokes a synesthetic aesthetic experience.

His photographs know how to capture with sharp precision the life hiding behind a smile, a gesture, but above all, a look, a look that seems to speak to us, to tell us a story, a story that completes us, as it turns out to be exactly what we needed to put things in perspective. 

Rodrigo’s photography listens, and it tells us with deafening silence to listen to what it holds within.

To me, Rodrigo Jordá listens with the camera lens. In the eloquent silence that follows the precise ‘click’ of the shutter, you can hear the sound of waves, streets and sunsets. Rodrigo creates literature through his photography. This is a rare ability. Through sensitivity and precision, he creates image poetry, earthly images of flesh and blood, filled with life. Rodrigo’s photography has this virtue, it leads us to make up lives and voyages, to interpret them, to listen to them and remember them as we do a good book or poem.

And he does so timidly, with the sensuality and delicacy that makes things categorical, even impure things that lead us to ‘that’ feeling, the experience of looking for something we’ve lost –perhaps as children– and that, when found, turns out to be pure for us.

Salvador Iborra Mallol,  Poet. (1978-2011)